Due to the overwhelming success of Resurrection of Your Inner Hero, coupled with your requests, and the urging of God, we will be taking on two new projects.

The first project that we will be undertaking will be creating an audio book version of Resurrection of Your Inner Hero. We have fielded many questions and requests for an audio version of the book, that God put it on our hearts to take on this task. As of present, the author Jim Snyder will be performing the reading of his material. If you would like to receive email updates and progress on the audio book, please email us below and put Audio Book in the subject line.

The second project that Jim will be working on has us all very excited! He will be writing a book for women on how to help passive men in their lives become the men God has called them to be and the men they need to be for their women. It is still in its infancy, but God is downloading the words He wants Jim to put down. A title for the book is still in the works and we are accepting your ideas. Email your ideas below.


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