Do you feel like you are a bystander watching your life unfold without being involved or engaged?
Have you ever been accused of or felt like you were lazy?

Have you found yourself dwelling on how you should have responded more assertively than you did in a given situation?
Are you responding with anger when you don’t have the answer to something asked of you?
Do you find it easier to do something else rather than what you should be doing?

What you have just discovered is the problem of passivity, the lack of engaging in your life.

Passivity has been with men since the fall of Adam. While it’s a part of us, it doesn’t have to be the dominant theme in our lives. The book “The Resurrection of Your Inner Hero: Rendering Passivity Obsolete” provides detailed examples, illustrations, and explanations that can help men identify their areas of passivity and the tools necessary to overcoming their passivity. This epic reversing of Adam’s failure will set men free from the bondage of passivity, help guide them to be the men God wants them to be, and provide restoration to their marriages and families.