I have received many messages as to why they should donate. This is a good and valid question!

All donations made on behalf of the book go directly to funding the book. None of the proceeds are for Jim Snyder, if you want to donate directly to Jim Snyder and his family, you will need to donate at www.expeditionarycounseling.com/donate.


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Another benefit of donating is that all donations made to Momentum Ministries (the parent ministry) may be tax deductible as the organization is a 501.c3 Not-For-Profit (consult your accountant for more advise).

Thank you for taking the time and praying about this message and how we can get it into the hands of the men who truly need it and may not know about it.

If you would prefer to mail your support instead of online, here is our mailing address:

Momentum Ministries
1050 Sam Lattimore Road
Shelby, NC 28152

Blessings and remain encouraged by our Heavenly Father,
Jim Snyder