Rendering Passivity Obsolete

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Slow Going

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have been working diligently on the audio version of the book. Who knew that it would take forever to read one’s own book?!?! I start going and wind up stumbling over my words, then have to redo the paragraph or sentence that I messed up. Maybe I should make a bloopers roll of all my mistakes and the frustration that came out… maybe not as I might have to repent for some inappropriate words, LOL.

On another note, I have been contacted by a Publisher who might be interested in a book on helping women of passive men. I am in the midst of getting that book proposal put together. Although I keep running into the overwhelming feelings, which makes me go back and follow my own advice to help relieve it. As a counselor, I’m my own best (and worst) client. I’ll continue to post updates as they come.

Two New Projects

Due to the overwhelming success of Resurrection of Your Inner Hero, coupled with your requests, and the urging of God, we will be taking on two new projects.

The first project that we will be undertaking will be creating an audio book version of Resurrection of Your Inner Hero. We have fielded many questions and requests for an audio version of the book, that God put it on our hearts to take on this task. As of present, the author Jim Snyder will be performing the reading of his material. If you would like to receive email updates and progress on the audio book, please email us below and put Audio Book in the subject line.

The second project that Jim will be working on has us all very excited! He will be writing a book for women on how to help passive men in their lives become the men God has called them to be and the men they need to be for their women. It is still in its infancy, but God is downloading the words He wants Jim to put down. A title for the book is still in the works and we are accepting your ideas. Email your ideas below.


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    In a Catalog

    I found out this morning that Resurrection of Your Inner Hero is in the Winter 2015 catalog of Westbow Press, which is currently being sent out. I am not sure who the audience is but know that God will put it in front of the right people who need to order the book.

    Also a heads up that the TV show that I appeared on in December has sent me a DVD of the experience. I will be editing it so that you don’t have to watch all the other guests.

    For Sale!

    Found out this weekend that God has blessed us with an early release of the book on most of the major online bookstores.

    What a blessing!!!

    Here are some of the links:
    Amazon (hardcover) – Resurrection of Your Inner Hero: Rendering Passivity Obsolete Hardcover

    Amazon (paperback) – Resurrection of Your Inner Hero: Rendering Passivity Obsolete Paperback

    Amazon (Kindle) – Resurrection of Your Inner Hero: Rendering Passivity Obsolete
    Barnes & Noble (hardcover)

    Barnes & Noble (paperback)

    Westbow Publishing (direct from our publisher)

    Going to Print!

    Just received the notification that the book is headed to print. Praise God!

    The publisher said that it will take the printer 3-4 weeks to get it completely setup and ready for print, but they hope to have it completed earlier. We are praying for earlier, will you stand with us in prayer?

    The cost of the book are as follows:
    Hard Cover – $30.95
    Soft Cover – $13.95
    eBook – $3.99

    I’m currently looking at the logistics of pre-orders, send me a note if you would be interested in pre-ordering as it might give me incentive to push it to the top of the pile.

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      Which version would you be interested in (Hard Cover or Soft Cover)?

      Proofs and Galley is Here

      We just received the proofs of the softback and hardback covers and they are looking awesome. Only a few touch-ups and they will be ready for press.

      The hardest part is going through the galley to find and changes and mistakes that need to be corrected. This will take a few days to accomplish but we will be working hard at it.

      They have even given us some preliminary pricing of $13.95 for the soft cover and $30.95 for the hard cover. They are still trying to figure out cost for the ebook version, what are your ideas?

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        Design Work

        Just got word from the publisher that they are currently working on the interior design (i.e. page layouts, fonts, etc) and creating the covers (soft and book jacket). Once this stage has been complete, they can give me a better idea of a launch date.

        Keep checking back for further updates and a date when the book will be available.

        Sidekick (Workbook) Submitted to Publisher

        Wanted to give you a quick update:

        The book has passed the initial review and we are praying that the “Higher Ups” will feel the need to have the parent publishing company take the project on. We should be getting some proofs back from the publisher regarding how the book will look. I’ll be passing those on to you when I get them.

        The Sidekick (what we dubbed the workbook) has also been submitted to the publisher for review. It took a lot of work to push into and finish the workbook, but we managed to get it done and get it submitted.

        We want to extend a special thanks to the Vernon’s of Vernon Photography as they kindly donated their time, talent, studio, and home to the production of the cover photos.

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