The Resurrection of Your Inner Hero

Rendering Passivity Obsolete

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Off to Publisher

The rough manuscript was sent to the publishers for review. Please pray for a favorable review and that they like it enough to take the project on. We should know by the end of September and we will keep you posted.

Proofs Came In

proofs-2 We have received some proofs of the unedited version of the book. Our goal is to use these proofs/galley copies to flush out the final details of the book as well as generate donations to the final publishing and marketing of the book.

If interested in receiving a copy of the proof/galley copy, a “buy in” donation of $250 is required. Checks can be made out to and mailed to LifeQuest Counseling, 616 E. Marion Street, Shelby, NC 28150 or you may donate online as well. All donations will receive a receipt for tax purposes as LifeQuest Counseling is a 501.c3 Non-Profit organization.

3rd Version Rewritten

Well it has been long and grueling, but I have been able to finish the third revision of the manuscript. I can honestly say that the chapter on the Women in Our Lives was probably the longest and hardest one that I had to fight through. The desire to go passive was intense but through using my own advice and walking it through with God, I was able to persevere.

Getting Close

Many have inquired about where I am at in the latest (3rd) revision. So I have created this update page to keep you all informed.

I just completed the revision of the chapter on “The Women in Our Lives”. It was very hard to do because it is so personal and close to me. It took over three and a half weeks to modify the chapter, but I was able to bang out the remainder of the chapter and some of the next this morning. There is roughly 4000 words left to complete in this version of the book (praying that there are no other versions needed, just editing).

As for the financial aspect of the book process, we are close to having the money together for the initial review by the publisher. Please continue to send your donations in so that we can get ready for the next phase… professional editing.

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