The Resurrection of Your Inner Hero

Rendering Passivity Obsolete

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Design Work

Just got word from the publisher that they are currently working on the interior design (i.e. page layouts, fonts, etc) and creating the covers (soft and book jacket). Once this stage has been complete, they can give me a better idea of a launch date.

Keep checking back for further updates and a date when the book will be available.

Sidekick (Workbook) Submitted to Publisher

Wanted to give you a quick update:

The book has passed the initial review and we are praying that the “Higher Ups” will feel the need to have the parent publishing company take the project on. We should be getting some proofs back from the publisher regarding how the book will look. I’ll be passing those on to you when I get them.

The Sidekick (what we dubbed the workbook) has also been submitted to the publisher for review. It took a lot of work to push into and finish the workbook, but we managed to get it done and get it submitted.

We want to extend a special thanks to the Vernon’s of Vernon Photography as they kindly donated their time, talent, studio, and home to the production of the cover photos.

In the Publisher’s Hands

It is official, I have submitted the manuscript and all necessary files and information to the publisher for their review. This is an awesome moment in the realizing of a vision God gave me over four years ago.

I am working with a self-publisher who is an affiliate of a pair of major traditional Christian publishers. The self-publishing wing of these publishers occasionally push a title to the major traditional publishers for greater distribution. We are praying that this happens with Resurrection of Your Inner Hero. Would you please stand in agreement through prayer with us?

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress and an eventual publish date (thinking September or October this year). We are still a little shy on funds, so please pray about possibly donating to the final push.

Practical Application

20140717-124257-45777725.jpgIt was great walking into a friend’s office, who has read one of the many iterations of the manuscript, and see a couple of quotes hanging on the wall. He has been applying these to his everyday for a while and the postings were unsolicited and I don’t think he knows that I even saw it.

We are continuing to hear great praises to what God is doing in people through the book. It is going to be an epic revival of the heroes in the world.

Updates to Site

We have added the revised content for the chapters we had previously on the website and have added an excerpt from the chapter on the women in our lives. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Contract Signed

Just want to give you a heads up that today we signed a contract with the publisher for both the book and the workbook. This has been a long fought battle to get the funding and get the contract signed. Now we are going to be working on finalizing the manuscript and the workbook questions. If everything goes according to the plan we felt has been outlined by God, we should have both available by September, if not sooner.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer and check back for further updates.


As the editor is making monumental corrections to my poor writing skills, we have begun working on a workbook that will go along with the book. Hoping to have both out at the same time.

Keep us in your prayers.


With the end of year donations still trickling in, we are just $3700 away from having the book done and ready. We are still looking for gifts to help us reach the goal. If you feel led, would you pray about donating? All donations are tax deductible.

Name Change

Well, we got our review back from the publisher and the first thing we felt we needed to do was change the name. After careful prayer, we have gone from “Overcoming Passivity: Getting Off the Bench and Into the Game” to… Drum role please… “The Resurrection of Your Inner Hero: Rendering Passivity Obsolete“. Still subject to change but we feel that God has given us a good name to work with.

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